The Frugal Crafting Series: Mail Art | Monochromatic watercoloring

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my youtube channel and blog! Today’s post is on the mail art I made using some Prima watercolor palettes. I called this particular video and blog post, “The Frugal Crafting Series,” because, well, I wanted to share some of the things I use or stumble upon while at the craft store that make my life easier and by easier I mean financially speaking lol! I love to come up with frugal ideas to make a project look similar- if not the same, as using costly art/ crafting products. I have absolutely nothing against high-priced art supplies. Although, I wished I had the means to buy every single art/ crafting product out there- I just can’t afford it at the moment. Thus, I wanted to start this series and have this series challenge me artistically and creatively.

I decided to do my take on mail art (not that there is much to it. LOL!) However, I had started doing mail art about 4 years ago when I still lived in Texas. I met my now husband in December of 2014 on We decided to write to each other – We just thought it was a neat idea to write what we were feeling and thinking down on paper (like the good ol’ days). It is then that, I looked down at the blank envelope and thought the envelope needed life-it needed some type of art in the front. So, I used some old chalky colored pastels to add color to my drawings (doodling) and would seal the chalk pastels with hairspray- that way the chalk would not rub off. I must have been living under a rock because I never knew before then that mail art was actually a thing! I discovered, what I call professional mail art not too long ago. On September of 2017 on youtube I came across a channel with a very talented gal that almost everyone knows, Kristina Werner. I was hooked! I must have watched all of her videos ever made in one day. LOL! That is when I dove right in to card making, watercoloring, stamping…etc. Soon after, I started to search for other crafty youtubers and found a plethora of people who were sharing their amazing projects and sharing the products used for their projects too. I would immediately check pricing of whatever product they were using and then quickly get disappointed because it was too pricey for me. My perspective on what is pricey is totally based on my financial status- what may be considered pricey to me, may not necessarily be pricey to everyone else. Any who, due my crafty artsy hobby being an expensive one because supplies are never enough- you always want or need more. LOL! I’m determined to create amazing projects with inexpensive supplies.

Mail Art: I was really excited when I found the envelope and liner template for $4.99 at Hobby Lobby. I had seen the, EK Tools Lettermate stencil to help with address, which is around $4.00 and change. I thought well, if I buy the envelope and liner template- I get the envelope and the address template all in one for the price of one!

This envelope punch board is great! I have seen it in several videos and would like one, eventually. This product averages around $24-$30. I didn’t get the punch board but I did get a product that provides similar results. The only difference is that Hobby Lobby’s envelope and liner templates are one size. I just needed two different sizes- one A2 and A7 envelope size. These are the sizes I

normally work with when making cards. So, I didn’t feel the need for several sizes but if you use several sizes – Then, an envelope punch board maybe a better choice for you. Overall, I spent around $9 and change ($4.99 each) for the envelope and liner templates.

This other punch board averages around $13 and change (not including taxes or shipping if bought online) which is not is not that expensive but again, I felt that I did not need the wide range of envelope sizes but I may change my mind at some point.

Here are some still images of the mail art I created using the envelope and liner template from Hobby Lobby ($4.99).


for stamping the SSS- Even more spring flowers stamp set, I used Versafine black ink (watercolor friendly).




To add color I used a pricey item which I did not purchase. I won both Prima pastels and tropical watercolor pallets from an Instagram giveaway! I just had to play with the watercolor pallets.


To watch the process view here or go to my channel:)


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