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Thank you for stopping by my youtube channel and blog. I always start my blog posts with, I’m not a writer- so I’m sorry for all grammatical and possible spelling errors LOL! It is for this reason I try to keep things short, the main reason for my blog is mostly to dig a little deeper into the inspiration or story behind a certain bible journal entry.

Let’s begin, in my Amazing grace #100daysofbiblepromises video I talked about a being in a time of family trouble and how I want to be able to show the same grace God has and continues to gives me to give to others.

When I saw this sticker set at Hobby Lobby, I knew that this is what I wanted to journal about. I hope to one day, flip the pages of this bible and see just how big God moved in our lives and gave us the victory over this season.

Although, I can’t go into details about what exactly is the issue- know that it has weighed heavily on me. When I bible journal or do any thing artistically, it usually comes from what is happening around me or what I’m feeling at the time. I know that there are many of us facing a different battles in this particular time and I wanted to journal about this because it is important to know/ remind ourselves that God is bigger than our circumstances, that seasons come and go but God stays the same. Seasons, are not always a bad thing- Although, they seem like it at the time. Seasons of extreme highs, teach us that God is able and seasons of extreme lows, teach us to hold on to Him because He is able. There are many different seasons such as, a time to be single and a time to be married, a time to be without children and a time to be with child, a time to work outside the home and a time to work at home (homemaker). There are so many different seasons of life that I could list but let us rest in the fact that God knows what we need, when we need it and if your in a season of transition know that this season is a chance to see how God shows up in your life, see your spiritual growth and walk alway from your current season victoriously!


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