ROAR of the Cross

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my youtube channel and blog. This post is a Bible journal entry on Kings 19 chapters 19 verses 12. based on some sermon notes that I took this past Sunday at our church our church is doing a roar series that started off an Easter hearing the War of the Cross so it continued and that’s the title the roar of the Cross continued the type of theme and when I thought up when hearing the word roar normally you think of an animal or something that makes a loud noise but to me that was the ocean. The ocean or the waves that are yet make a roaring sound they get pretty loud but in the midst of that roar it’s also a relaxing spot a spot to kind of relax and just kind of rest and I chose that for those two purposes so what I decided to use this them.I just wanted to kind of share with you the sermon and how our lives get so caught up with the noise of the world that we don’t realize that we tune out God’s voice and so this whole sermon was about how the devil has his own roar but his roar is like a lion, a lion who wants our attention and he wants to devour us from what God has for us- so we have to cling to God and hear that still small voice. To hear his roar, the roar of the Cross versus the roar of the enemy. There were a lot of good points to it and it all tied together but what stood out for me was the part where he mentioned, that to hear God clearly you must find a whispering spot. That when God wants to speak to us we need to lean in and not all the distractions and our whispering spot should be our home I create a place of refuge and rest. When you have a whispering spot you can hear the voice of God clearly and that leads to hearing the roar of the Cross versus the roar of the world and the roar of the enemy. I really like this sermon and the them I journaled because I believe that the beach kind of symbolizes a relaxing and restful place, all the while hearing the roar of the oceans which to me can symbolize hearing God through the roar of the ocean waves so I thought that was really really beautiful! To watch the process, you can do so here:

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