Simple Watercolor Geometric Lion Plus Free Printable

Hello everyone!

Thanks for stopping by my youtube channel and blog! Today, I have an awesome video for you along with a freebie!

I was inspired to make this geometric lion because of the movie, “The Lion King,” (Old one). I recently revisited my childhood a couple of days ago while watching, “The Lion King,” ¬†with my son (1st time watching). I Had not watched this movie in what feels like since I was 5 years old! As I watched the movie, I saw how majestic, grand and authoritative Mufasa is in the movie and it made me think of Jesus!

I had wanted to make a realistic lion but I had tried to draw a realistic lion in the past and it just was not pretty lol! I opted to make a geometric lion instead as I had seen other type of geometric animals before and thought they looked really cool!


Once, I finished drawing it and digitalizing my drawing- I thought to myself, I need to share this with the world. There is no sign up needed to receive this printable but it would be much appreciated if you would! You can get your FREE Geometric Printable Here.  Left Side Lion, Full Large Lion. (make sure to click scale to fit when you print) Enjoy!

You can watch the full tutorial here:




Supplies used:



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