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Today’s post is featuring a bible journal entry that I made using Creative Faith & Co’s, “Seasons of Prayer: Summer Kit.” I absolutely loved digging into this devotional and getting creative with the artwork that comes with this kit!

With that said, I wanted to write a little bit of my thoughts for part 3 for the devotional that is titled, “Changed.” The devotional talks about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who were thrown into the fire for not bowing down to another god. When I think about being faced with the options of bowing down to the King’s god or to stand up for who you know to be the true God, it tests me! Honestly, what would you do? I mean no one wants to burn to death! I’m sure deep inside of them they thought that they would rather not die a painful and long suffering death. I’m sure that they had a huge amount of fear but one thing they did have was their faith, faith in the one who is the true God.

While in the fire, their faith grew stronger as the flames rose higher and higher because they could see the flames but their bodies were not harmed because God was in the middle of them and protected them from getting burned.

Fire in the Bible is often symbolized as God’s anger or wrath but it is also a representation of purity. In the fire, you are purified, you are cleansed, you are filtered, you are improved and you are perfected for His glory! This story went on to be a very notable story in the Bible because it is a testimony of how God miraculously shows up to protect His children. He is the same today, yesterday and forever, he never changes- what He did for these men that day, He will do for you today! If you feel you’re in the fire, drowning in the ocean waves, or in the middle of a raging storm- know that God is with you, you may not feel it, you may not see Him but He is there and he will be with you every step of your purifying process.

I highly recommend you hear the song, “Oceans,” by Hillsong, it is a great song but it is also a great message. When you feel life is too much at the moment- hear the song, you will feel a new sense of encouragement and new rejuvenated strength to persevere in oceans deep.

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