Bible Journaling | No-Line Watercolor Sunflowers in Rain boots

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Today, I have a simple process video using some watercolors and a printable that I made for you to use.


I explained the reason behind this entry over at my youtube channel but I will reiterate here. I was and still am a little sad that my family from Texas (mom and step-dad) left to go back to Texas. I really miss my mom and I was really having a hard time not crying or feeling sad the day they left. I know this may be silly but I miss being around my family, which are all back in Texas.


I wanted to not feel so sad and keep my mind occupied from feeling so gloom. I always feel relaxed and at peace when I bible journal so I decided to do just that to help cope with the sadness. No matter how old I get, I will always miss being around my mom.

I had this printable ready for a while but did not have a verse in mind that I wanted to use in for an entry. I wanted a verse that spoke about peace so I liked John 12:27.

At the end of this entry, I felt so relaxed and just at peace- I didn’t feel like crying anymore. I hope the peace that I felt while doing this illustration, you will feel as well in whatever circumstance you find yourself in. To get your FREE PRINTABLE: Sunflowers in Rain Boots Printable.


You can watch the Sunflower in Rain boots Watercolor entry here:



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