Art Journal – Genesis 1:1

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This post goes along with the video that I recently added on my youtube channel. I had already done a Bible journal entry on Genesis 1:1 with watercolors and I decided that I wanted to use more supplies from my craft room that I just kind of have forgotten about it and haven’t used them in a while so I’m using my disc bound art journal that I made a while ago and I will be using my distress spray inks, they feel like they’re so old now but I haven’t used them- they’ve just kind of been there in a bucket collecting dust. I thought, “you know what I can’t really use these on my Bible,” and I wanted to make another version of the entry that I had already done on journaling Bible in Genesis. The reason to why I started off with Genesis is because I bought a new study Bible it’s a CSB version and it’s specifically a Study Bible. I decided that if I was gonna dig deeper into the word that I wanted to know from the beginning, from the first book in the Bible and then go my way, in order from Genesis all the way down to Revelation.

I used two shades of blue distress sprays and two pink ones and it kind of mixed together making a purpley and bluey atmosphere color that you are used to seeing to create the galaxy background. I allowed the background to dry on my paper. I made a circle shape on a paper and I used brown cardstock for this. Then I used some patterned paper that had a map on it and cut some squares, I did this to give some texture and add an abstract illusion of the world as my focal point. I used matte medium to glue those pieces down onto the circular card stock- I put that aside to let it dry.

Now back to working on the background, I used a scripted stamp all I did is I took a scripted stamp which is the Lord’s Prayer by the way I got it at Hobby Lobby many moons ago. I stamped the scripted stamp in different areas to my background- not really focusing too much in the middle because the, “world” that I created is going to go in the center. Then, I used some other stamp and I stamped in different areas with this stamp as well.

After all the stamping, I did some ink blending with my archival jet black ink in different areas -now if you have the distress oxide ink that one’s probably a lot better to blend than the archival ink, but I did not have that so I I did what I could with what I had.

For the last final touches, I stamped, ” In the beginning,” because in Genesis 1:1 the verse starts with, ” In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” In the back of the entry, I can either gesso whatever bled through or use acrylic white paint to cover that up or just leave it. I can also add a couple lines to kind of journal and reflect on what were my thoughts or revelation in the back of this page.

This is a really creative way to learn and meditate on God’s word. If you would like to watch the process, just click the video below:




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